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Welcome to the stylish leisure town of Gmunden!

The Traunsee town is a place with atmosphere and contrasts, a place for exuberant hours and quiet moments. A place to reflect and pause, or simply to relax!

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Gmunden worth seeing & stylish

Come to Gmunden and experience the versatility of the town. Culture enthusiasts or water sports fans will definitely get their money's worth during a holiday or day trip in Gmunden. For sports enthusiasts there is also the possibility to explore the beautiful area by bike or hiking. All this and a little more awaits you here at the "Gemünde" of the Traun.



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Our top sights:

© Foto: Radfahren in Gmunden/Brainpark Traunsee
Hier sehen Sie zwei Radfahrer in Gmunden am Rathausplatz pausieren

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