© Foto: TVB Traunsee-Almtal/www.traunseehotels.at: Jause
Hier sehen Sie einen Ausschnitt einer Jause in den Traunseehotels in Traunkirchen.

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Harald Schmidt: Sausage salad makes me happy

When German late-night icon Haradl Schmidt travels through Upper Austria, it´s clear that he´s following tn the footstpes of Thomas Bernhard. Schmidt has approached the legendary writer in culinary terms, from inn to inn. You can read about it in he book "In der Frittatensuppe feiert die Provinz ihre Triumphe" Oberösterreich Tourismus talked to the entertainer about sausage salad, the cultivated gentelman´s joke and Upper-Austria pub culture.


Culinary Cooperation

in the Traunsee-Almtal region

Once kettle hot with beer

© Foto: Oberösterreich Tourismus/Stefan Mayerhofer

Cheers and Meal

To all those who are hungry for real, Fritz Silmbroth serves a "Kesselheiße" in his inn with butchery in Scharnstein in the Traunsee-Almtal region. A sausage, which moves daily fresh from the production into the hot water and on the plate. To go with it, we have tangy beer on tap from the Schloss Eggenberg brewery in Vorchdorf.