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The dream lake for everyone

Here, the hills of the Alpine foothills merge picturesquely into the magnificent mountain world of the Northern Limestone Alps and in the midst of this splendor lie the two lakes that give the area its name, the crystal-clear Traunsee and the green-turquoise Almsee.

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The term "industrial culture" combines technology, culture and social history; it encompasses the lives of all people in industrial society, their everyday lives, their living and working conditions. The aim of the project is to develop bookable products and offers with added value and to bring living industrial culture closer to people in the form of stories and places - this and much more will be on the project's numerous agendas.

Exciting themed tours will be offered every week on the trail of industrial culture!
Each week, a different museum will be the venue for such an exciting museum tour.

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The Traunsee-Almtal region, nestled in the picturesque backdrop of the European Capital of Culture region of the Salzkammergut in the Austrian Alps, offers a wealth of fascinating guided tours. You will gain a unique insight into the rich nature, historic towns and breathtaking mountain and lake landscapes.

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City Guide | Austria Guide

City Guide | Austria Guide

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Nature mediator

Nature mediator

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Wanderung auf den kleinen Schönberg in der Traunsee-Almtal-Region.

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Hiking guide

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Experience the healing effects of the forest and be inspired by nature. Get to know the Almtal from its most beautiful side and enjoy our unique offers!

The forest is one of the best places to recharge your batteries
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