© Foto: TVB Traunsee-Almtal/ brainpark.traunsee: Blick auf den Traunsee.
© Foto: TVB TRaunsee-Almtal/Monika Löff: Waldraum Frühling

Kids on tour

Children never get bored in the Traunsee-Almtal region. New opportunities are added almost every year. Whether summer activities, winter activities, events, outdoor or indoor there is something for everyone here!

NEW: Our VR Escape Room in Traunkirchen is brand new! Let yourself be carried away in a wide variety of worlds and solve the riddles before the time is up. :-) Fun is clearly inevitable

 Here you will find our sights

Summer experience with children

Water sports

Stand up paddling, kayaking and canoeing or learning to dive or just riding a water tire or water banana or would you rather rent an electric boat and drive yourself? This is not a problem in the Traunsee-Almtal region. Here you will find the right thing for every age.

Winter experience with children

© Foto: TVB Ferienregion Traunsee/Leo Himsl: drachenpark-feuerkogel
Hier sehen Sie eine Familie am Feuerkogel im Winter
Family ski areas

Children's ski courses

Whether ski rookie, family, returnees or for a 'warm up' in the ski winter, the 'liaben' ski instructors from the Feuerkogel ski and snowboard school, Grünau Kasberg ski school and Hochlecken ski school will show you the best ski technique in the ski courses. Please register here and go :-)