© Foto: TVB Traunsee-Almtal/brainpark.traunsee: Almsee
© Foto: TVB Traunsee-Almtal/brainpark.traunsee: Almsee
Drei Radfahrer am Almsee in Grünau

Get to know our region while cycling through the wonderful landscape.

On a tour on two wheels, you can relive history, contemplate culinary goals or simply master sporting experiences. From beautiful mountain bike tours in the mountains to river cycling on the Alm and Traun, there is something for every “cyclist”. Leisurely stretches lead you through orchards such as: in Pettenbach on the Almtalcamp, Most, Floriani, Holzing, and Knappenbauernrunde or with picturesque views of the surrounding mountains on the bike paths in Vorchdorf and Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting. A worthwhile goal should be an incentive to get on a bike and visit the Traunsee - Almtal region. In addition to the beautiful area, you can also find good traditional restaurants that will look forward to your visit with tasty dishes and cool drinks.

The Traunviertel tour continues to Steyr - Schlierbach - Bad Hall - Reichraming / Großraming - Windischgarsten / Spital am Pyhrn and Hinterstoder.

At the various stages, you will also find accommodation options under "My recommendations".


The Traunviertel Tour

as a convenient all-inclusive offer

This cycling holiday in Upper Austria is perfect for everyone who likes to travel by e-bike. From the river to the lake, from the hilly landscape to the heart of the Kalkalpen National Park, from the romantic city to the comfortably warm thermal water, everything is there. The individual stages of the cycle tour in Upper Austria's Traunviertel are set in such a way that they can be easily ridden by sporty touring cyclists as well as by enjoying e-bikers.


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Traunviertel Tour

experience in 2 loops


The "KulTOUR route" - Steyr, Schlierbach, Grünau, Gmunden, Kremsmünster, Bad Hall, Steyr (stages 1 - 4)

The "NaTOUR route" - Steyr, Großraming, Hintergebirge, Windischgarsten, Hinterstoder, Molln, Steyr (stages 4 - 7)

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Cycling in the Traunviertel

Bike-friendly partner businesses in the Traunviertel cycling region in the Traunsee-Almtal region

You can find more bike-friendly accommodations under the stages.