© Foto: TVB Almtal/Genuss am Almfluss: Weiher Forellenhof in Grünau
Ein Pärchen geht an einen Fischteich vorbei.

Enjoyment along the „Alm“ river – this is the name of the gently staged „Alm“ river bank path in the Almtal valley

52 relaxing kilometers along the ALM river - full of cooling tranquility, inspiring nature and a variety of enjoyment points. Ecologically considerate, but staged in a varied way!

Although the Alm river arises in the „Totes Gebirge“ Mountains and flows into the Traun river near the Neydharting mud bath, hikers are encouraged to walk in direction towards the mountains along the river. The railway lines, that mostly accompany the route, make it easier for the guest to comfortably and ecologically explore longer stretches of the route.

A number of “Almwelle loungers” along the entire route invite you to take short breaks. More than 50 information boards in the form of question marks and callsigns report on the culinary highlights, nature and culture, allow an insight into the Almtal valley.

On the “Genuss am Almfluss” long-distance hiking trail, guests can also expect different themed resting places. Hanging chairs with a view of the mountains, massage systems to relax or, as in Scharnstein, an active resting place for children to let off steam. Other highlights along the way are certainly the Cumberland Wildlife Park between Grünau and the lake Almsee, the „Kronawettwehr“ show power plant in Pettenbach, the open-air museum „Hackenschmiede“ and the "Tempus" - Museum of Early History in Bad Wimsbach-Neydharting, and of course the brewery „Schloss Eggenberg“ in Vorchdorf.



New: Enjoyment along the „Traun“ river – from Gmunden along the Traun till Lambach and Stadl-Paura

30 more river hiking kilometres for you. With the sights of the „Traun river falls“, the Abbey of Lambach, the trinity church of Stadl-Paura and the ALFA cultural sight.