Water sports

Water and more!

Whether sailing, diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, stand up paddling and much more - no lake in Austria offers such a wide range of water sports.

For every wish an offer or package - fun guaranteed!

Founded as a non-profit association in 2007, the Wassersportarena Traunsee has about 30 members in the Reagion Traunsee-Almtal.

Fishing licenses info

Children'spermit up to 16 years Orther-Buch on Lake Traun.

Fishing licenses for adults are issued only for the Traun (fly fishing). For more information, please contact Jagd und Fischerei Höller in Gmunden.

Motorboat summer closure

During the period from July 1 to August 31 of each year, all operation of vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine is prohibited.

Sailing paradise

With its challenging winds, Lake Traunsee is a sailing paradise. Sailing schools and moorings offer the opportunity to improve his sailing skills or simply enjoy.


River surfing is a new sport where you surf on a river wave - like at the sea!
NEW: The Riverwave Ebensee