Rich history. Living traditions.

The inhabitants of the Region do live with many traditions, living customs and show a diverse cultural variety. The interesting history can be seen at many interesting museums, where you can explore the development of the early period up to the recent past.


Be a witness of the history and traditions at various events, e.g. at the echo blowing at the lake Almsee, at the Saint Leonhards prozession (on horseback) to the church of Heiligenleithen or the Saint Georges prozession (on horseback) to the church of Kösslwang, Corpus Christi march procession in Traunkirchen (since 1632), “Liabstattsonntag” in Gmunden (since 1641), the Glöcklerlauf in Ebensee (19th century) or the Ebenseer Fetzenzug (18th century) at the time of the carnival and on many more occasions.

HANDMADE since 1492 QUALITY made by hand

HANDCRAFTED with love and care

The reason, why our products are so unique and precious, is the well preserved traditional handcraft at Gmundner Keramik. Each piece is worked on more than sixty times by our skilled master craftsmen and -women. These people assure, that each piece is perfect in its look and feel. Human hands form, paint and decorate; each piece is slightly different and an one of- it’s kind. While you will find the same flowers and designs on each piece, they remain humanly different. We manufacture our products following an old-style recipe. Since centuries, we preserve and continue the old way of making true Gmundner Keramik pieces. All our attention and care is to keep the traditional spirit and identity of our products alive.

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Old style craftsmanship goes hand in hand with modern life style: We make products that are suitable for the use in dishwashers. There is no danger of loosing the brightness of the colours or damaging the decoration.

All our products are made to be suitable for using them in the microwave. As hand-made premium products we hope you take special care and attention when enjoying the use of Gmundner Keramik.