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Eine Frau im Dirndl die sich dreht, währenddessen ein Herr in Lederhose ein Instrument spielt

Three King's Rider's in Neukirchen at Altmünster

Since 1959, at the beginning of the new year, the Dreikönigsreiter move through Neukirchen near Altmünster.

The group consists of three kings on horseback, three drivers, 4 musicians and a cashier.

Accompanied by an accordion, a flute and two guitars, the four-part works as well as the overall appearance of the group attract numerous visitors each year to the enchanting surroundings around Neukirchen.

In suitable weather, the Epiphany riders on the 3rd and 6th January at the predetermined places on their way from house to house to admire. Here also the surrounding inhabitants wait to listen to the audible performance of the group. The songs are mainly from the region handed down pieces.

On St. Three Kings Day (January 6), the singers and musicians at 9:30 clock the Hochamt in the parish church of Neukirchen. The proceeds will benefit the Epiphany action for missionary purposes.

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