© Foto: TVB Traunsee-Almtal/Monika Löff: WALDraum Panorama
Hier sehen Sie das wunderschöne WALDraum Panorama

Museums and traditional houses give an authentic view into the historical timber and paper industries

The historical aspects of forestry can easily be researched in the excellent museums and traditional houses. The lumberjacks museum in Apurgstadl in Mühldorf, lets visitors delve into the harsh daily chores of a lumberjack; in the Viechtau in Traunkirchen you can experience the life of a wood carver and wooden toy manufacturer whilst in Steinbach am Attersee the issues of wood felling and transport are shown. In very detailed work, a working model of the hallholzaufzug (wood lift) in the Weißenbachtal, has been installed.

How wood is made into paper can be experienced at the papermaking museum in Steyrermühl. From the first beginnings to the present, paper at its best. Visitors also have the possibility of making their own paper in the oldest hand paper making facility.