Closed hiking trails and mountain bike routes

Ebensee has an incredibly large hiking and cycling area. Unfortunately, some paths are repeatedly impaired by weather conditions, which is why they have to be closed for a shorter or longer period.

You can find out which ones are affected here.


The following routes are currently not accessible:

- The second part of the via ferrata, on the "Großer Rauen Kogel" (or, as the locals say, "Hinteren Rauen Kogel") is closed due to broken rope anchors. Some things have to be re-drilled and relocated to fix it. Until this happens, only the first, front part of the "Kleine Rauen Kogel" is accessible and open.

- Due to forestry work, the mountain bike route between Sonnstein and Hochsteinalm is closed until around the 2nd week of October 2020. This means that the section for the Salzkammergut E-MTB Trail and the Sonnstein mountain bike circuit is only possible again after the wood has been brought in.

- Due to the new construction of the "Rudolfsbrücke" in the Steinkogel district, the connection between Langwieserstraße and Steinkogelstraße is closed until around the end of November 2020. Since this bridge is an important overpass for cyclists on the Salzkammergut cycle path R2, the new Salzkammergut e-mountain bike trail, and as a result, the Solewegrunde 1 cannot be used by hikers, this barrier must be observed. The Rudolfsbrücke would also be an important connection for all train travelers who get off at the Steinkogel stop and want to get to the right side of the river (ascent via the Miesenbach mill on the Feuerkogel, walk to the Riverwave ...). Alternatives for cyclists: Coming from the north along the Traunsee (via Traunkirchen) at the entrance to Ebensee, it is best to continue straight on on the left side of the B145, the cycle path continues well marked to Bad Ischl. Bikers coming from the south via Bad Ischl can either take the cycle path to the right of the B145 to Ebensee or, immediately before the bridge, turn right onto the Plankauweg / Traunreiter promenade to the center of the village.

- Due to detached stones, the brine pipeline path is currently closed in the Ebensee section from the town center to around ASKÖ Sportplatz langwies (approx. 2 km). The torrent control is still carrying out safety work on the steep slope of the Wimmersberg for this section, a free inspection cannot yet be estimated. You can either walk on the asphalted local road "Ischler Straße" to the sports field and then use an entrance. Or alternatively, hike 4 km from the Traunbrücke town center to the Plankau district on the left side of the Traun on the so-called "Traunreiterpromenade", then change the side of the Traun again and use an ascent to the brine pipe path.


- The path on the left side of the Rindbach after the former Rindbachmühle to the forest road near the Rindbach waterfall is closed for an indefinite period. A lightning bolt made a huge hole in the rock wall, causing boulders to roll on the path. Another demolition is possible, you have to look at the torrent control. Alternatively, you can walk on the right side of the Rindbach to the Rindbach waterfall and further on (e.g. Gassel stalactite cave, E4 to Offensee ...).

The market town of Ebensee, in cooperation with the federal forests, torrent control and alpine associations, try to clear the various routes as quickly as possible and make them accessible again.

Ebensee is an excellent hiking and biking region. The many possibilities are not always so easy to assess on the available tour maps (whether easy or difficult, etc.).

Visit us at the Ebensee tourist office, we know all the ways and will be happy to advise you!

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