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Waldness is restorative relaxation.

5 tips for the time afterwards

How can stress reduction during work be done to continue to stay healthy and feel positive about everyday life? The following suggestions should help you pave your way to a stress-free life.

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1. allow yourself enough time

Remind yourself to take enough time in everything you do.

This has two advantages: On the one hand, you keep your stress level low, simply feel better and are more sociable with your colleagues. On the other hand, your successfully completed tasks gain in quality because they have been given enough time to be completed carefully.

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2. plan your working day over your morning coffee

What's on the agenda today?

This is not meant to be an empty phrase, but a small mission for the next few hours you will spend at your workplace. Make a to-do list of all the tasks that are still pending and immediately cross out those that are either not relevant or not S.M.A.R.T..


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3. set realistic goals

Ask yourself if your tasks meet the following criteria:

  • Specific - Are the tasks clearly defined?
  • Measurable - Is the result measurable or is there some kind of 'output'?
  • Achievable - Are the tasks achievable?
  • Relevant - Are the selected tasks really important?
  • Time bound - Each task needs a fixed deadline.
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4. take regular breaks

Exercise in the fresh air or a coffee break with colleagues should help you detach from work for a short time.

After the break, you can resume your work with renewed energy and noticeably increased productivity. Conversations with colleagues - even if they have nothing to do with work - also have a positive effect on team building in the company.

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5. enjoy your time after work

When you leave your workplace, do you actually leave your work behind?

You often take conflicts and stress home with you, which is often projected onto friends and family.

Avoid this by directing your mental attitude towards positive events in your private life.
However, it is important to talk about negative emotions with confidants, especially if they have their roots in your daily work life.

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Start carefully after the Waldness experience

Give yourself time after your Waldness stay to find your way back into your everyday life and to be able to process what you have learned. Humans often function like machines, but the path to health and happiness can only be found through patience and mental balance.


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