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Waldness FAQ

What is WALDNESS and how does it work?

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Entspannen bei Waldness im Almtal

What is Waldness?

Waldness is the application of Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) originating from the Almtal in the Salzkammergut. The Almtal in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut is thus the first Waldness destination in Europe.

This special form of forest recreation includes activities guided by Waldness coaches and stays in particularly suitable vegetation zones. Forest experiences, forest activities, forest cuisine and targeted relaxation exercises preventively alleviate stress symptoms and lift your inner balance and harmony.

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Waldness im Almtal Salzkammergut Waldschule, Waldpädagogik

What does Shinrin-Yoku mean?

Shinrin-Yoku, in German "Waldbaden", is the original Japanese form of nature therapy in which people from conurbations and large cities relax deeply by spending time in the forest. The aromas of the forest have a calming and harmonising effect on the organism and psyche of the person and thus contribute to the regenerative capacity of the body and improve the well-being in the long term.


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Waldness im Almtal Salzkammergut Latschenbad nach geführter Wanderung

Where does Waldness take place?

The Waldness relaxation days take place in the Almtal valley in the Salzkammergut region.

Crystal-clear mountain streams, pure air, green alpine pastures and healthy forests offer a grandiose ambience for this modern form of relaxation in nature.

How do I book a Waldness Recreation Holiday?

The easiest way to book your Waldness recreation holiday is via the Almtal Tourist Office or use the contact form in the package offers.

On the health effect of forest landscapes

GreenCare - where people flourish

Please find attached the publication of the Federal Forest Research Centre on the topic of Green Care as pdf download.


Green Care Bericht
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Waldness Biophilia Effekt

Why is forestness suitable as a recreational holiday?

A stay in the forest has a relaxing and restorative effect due to the biophilia effect.

The alpine environment with many power spots and natural products of the region is ideally suited for a stress-free holiday at your own pace. The nature experience is supported by Waldness coaches.

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Hier sehen Sie den Almsee

What is the Biophilia Effect?

Plants communicate with each other to draw attention to themselves when they are attacked by pests or to attract beneficial insects.

The forest air is enriched by so-called terpenes. These are special plant fragrances, some of which are also contained in essential oils. They have many positive effects on humans: For example, the human immune system is demonstrably strengthened and even those white blood cells in the human body are stimulated that are significantly involved in cancer prevention.

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Waldness im Almtal Team

What is the procedure for a Waldness stay in the Almtal?

The Waldness stay in the Almtal is a coherently designed carefree package for a regeneration and relaxation holiday to relieve stress.

The well-thought-out organisation of the Waldness programme in the Almtal enables a smooth entry into the world of relaxation in one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the Eastern Alps. Depending on the season, different activities are offered in the various climatic zones of the forest nature.

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Blick auf Totes Gebirge und Almsee, Tvb Traunsee-Almtal

When is Waldness offered?

The Waldness programme is adapted to the highlights of the respective season and includes relaxation and recreation phases paired with gentle outdoor activities.


Die Angebote
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Waldness im Almtal Coaches

Do I have to do without anything on a Waldness holiday?

No! The Almtal offers all the amenities of an alpine but highly developed region with the best health care.

From travel support to optimal accommodation and transfers, all services are available. Waldness, however, helps you to renounce your everyday life and gain distance. You will experience a time-out in which you are well looked after.

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Waldness im Almtal Salzkammergut Latschenbad nach geführter Wanderung

Can I enjoy a full Waldness experience without a coach?

Yes! Consciously inhaling the aromas while walking through the forest can of course also be done alone on marked hiking trails and places. The positive effects on your body and mind will be felt quickly. However, to be able to increase this influence considerably, special exercises should be carried out.


The Waldness Coaches
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Waldness Video Bergauf TV
Waldness in the Alm Valley
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WALDNESS-Bergauf TV Winter Clip
Waldness in the Almtal Winter