All questions about "Holiday with my dog"

In public places in the local area, there is a leash or muzzle obligation (Upper Austria Dog Keeping Act 2002). In the area of ​​schools, kindergartens, as well as in public transport, events and at many excursion destinations, leashes and muzzles are compulsory. Special ordinances can be ordered by the municipal council - please note the information boards on site or inquire in the respective municipality.



This natural lake in the Almtal only has a maximum temperature of 20 degrees, but it is beautiful. We especially recommend a tour around the lake, where your dog can cool off again and again, although we would like to point out that you are in a nature reserve here. Please be careful of other animals and their breeding grounds.


Some places where dogs are not allowed have been specially marked, but dogs are not allowed everywhere. You will find very beautiful bathing bays, for example, on the eastern shore. Dogs can also go into the water in the city of Gmunden. We ask you to leave your four-legged friend on a leash, as a large number of birds have their breeding grounds on the shores of the lakes.


There are many bathing spots for dog vacationers at the Traun and the Alm.

Holidays and hiking with dogs are very popular with us, as hiking along the rivers and various smaller streams (Vorderer Rinnbach, Hinterer Rinnbach, Hetzautal, ...) is a good way to refresh yourself with a dog.

By the way: According to Austrian law, dogs are always allowed to swim in running water!

In our region, the general dog ownership requirements apply, which you can query here.

Keeping dogs

In our region there are accommodations in various categories, where dogs are allowed or welcome on request. Please clarify the details directly with the landlord. A list of accommodations where dogs are allowed can be found here.


Dog-friendly businesses