Frequently asked questions about water sports and swimming


This natural lake in the Almtal has a maximum temperature of only 20 degrees, but it is beautiful. Especially recommended is a walk around the lake, where your dog can always cool off. We would like to point out that you are in nature reserves here.


Places where dogs are prohibited have been specially marked in parts, but dogs are still not allowed everywhere. Very beautiful bathing bays on the eastern shore. Dogs are also allowed in the water in the town of Gmunden.


There are many bathing places for dog vacationers on the Traun.

Vacationing or hiking with a dog is very popular with us, since our diverse hiking opportunities along the Alm and various smaller streams (Vorderer Rinnbach, Hinterer Rinnbach, Hetzautal, ...) are well suited for hiking and refreshing with a dog.

We ask you to keep your four-legged friend on a leash here, as a large number of birds have their breeding grounds in the shore zones of the lakes.

By the way: According to Austrian law, dogs are always allowed to bathe in running waters!

In our region, the general dog-keeping requirements apply, which you can check here.

In our region there are countless bathing places and you can find them all listed here.

Most rivers and lakes in Upper Austria are subject to various restrictions for and in favor of shipping traffic.

Shore zones

Motor vehicles are not allowed to drive closer than 200 meters to the shore or a reed belt in front of it, except for mooring or berthing. The shore may only be approached by the shortest route and at a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

Bathing and diving ban

Bathing and diving is prohibited within 100 meters of harbor entrances and passenger ship moorings (exception: public bathing areas with suitable supervisors).


Water sports events, water festivals or similar events that may lead to an accumulation of vehicles or floating bodies or may obstruct navigation require an official permit. The competent authority is the district authority in whose area the water body is located.

Exemption permit

For some restrictions or prohibitions, an exceptional permit is possible under certain conditions. The responsible district authority is the one in whose district the water body is located.

Storm warning

Skippers have to inform themselves about the presence of storm warning devices and, if they indicate the approach of a storm, to go ashore.

Special regulations for Lake Attersee, Lake Mondsee and Lake Traunsee:
Year-round prohibitions
  • the launching of submersibles and amphibious craft
  • the launching of residential vessels and houseboats
  • the use of floating objects with machine drive (except electric motor under 100 Watt power)
  • the towing of flying kites, kite parachutes and similar devices
  • the operation of vehicles with internal combustion engines between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. (night driving ban)
  • the use of vehicles with living quarters with a draught of more than 2 meters
  • on the Mondsee the use of vehicles with combustion engines is generally prohibited
Motorboat summer ban

The operation of vehicles with combustion engines is prohibited in the period from 01.07. to 31.08. each year