WALDNESS in the Traunsee-Almtal region - the new Austria holiday

Deep relaxation through the biophilia effect of the forest

The Waldness holiday in the Salzkammergut is a time-out with biophilia effect for the regeneration of body, mind and soul. The Almtal is the 1st European Waldness destination.

Waldness is more than an offer!

Sustainably relaxed: Time out in the forest

The enchanting, wooded Almtal valley offers plenty of space for a completely pristine experience of nature: wild mountain backdrops, paths, clearings and flowering meadows along the wonderfully clear rivers and lakes - and above all, extensive forests full of species that have become rare.

This wonderful atmosphere is a unique invitation to healthy relaxation for body and soul. Let the WALDNESS.coaches guide you on unusual walks to the most beautiful places in the Almtal and take something with you from the deep knowledge of the great healing power of the forest. - For groups, families and individuals.

Climate-friendly TRAVEL

CO2 emissions are almost zero when travelling on foot or by bike. However, for longer journeys you cannot do without a motorised means of transport. Travel to the Almtal by bus or train. By travelling by public transport you can travel ecologically and be sustainably mobile. Click here for the ÖBB timetable.

 Nach Grünau im Almtal Bahnhof
 Datum  23.01.2020
 Uhrzeit  14:40Abfahrt  Ankunft
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