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A secret is waiting to be discovered in one of Austria´s most beautiful nature and cultural landscapes. Between the idyllic Lake Traunsee and the fairy tale Alm Valley lies the second largest forest area of the country. For generations the people of this area have given their vast knowledge about forest, wild animals, timber industry and the diverse animal and plant life, to enable others to care heedfully for the treasures of nature.


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A wide network of diverse Villages has established itself around the unique living space forest, enabling visitors of all ages to experience unforgettable guided tours, hikes and exhibitions, from the hard work of a lumberjack to the innovative and sustainable us of wood in architecture. Behind all of these offers is a pan European combination of nature protection, ecology, research, economy and soft tourism.

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The Wolf in the forest

Salzi TV reports about the second Silvasophikum in the Almtal

Chief forest and WALDNESS co-founder Fritz Wolf again invited to philosophize about the origin and history of the forest, about its current importance and about the future of forest management.

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The forest needs respect! Fair play in the forest

For many people the forest is the connection to nature. Many Austrians spend their leisure time in the forests. The forest has many owners and yet everyone is allowed to use it for recreation. The forest allows you to hike, play, run, relax and enjoy the nature and landscape. Of course visitors of the forest are requested to abide to the rules and regulations as stipulated in the forestry laws.

Fair play!
Hier sehen Sie einen Wald mit blauen Himmel im Hintergrund
Forest farmers Traunsee-Almtal
Forest-we live with it and from it!